Interactive installation from TF7 lives and grows in the Rose Garden.

If you are headed to an arena, you have tickets in hand and are ready to be entertained. You are looking for your seats to watch pro sports or live music – not to be educated about a new initiative.

That’s what made this assignment so interesting.

The Portland Trail Blazers partnered with the City of Portland and Corix Utilities to promote the city’s first eco-districts which save precious natural resources and offer lower utility costs to residents. Serving as true Trail Blazers, a portion of the Rose Garden was dedicated to educate the public.

We set out to attract fans in this high-traffic area with a mix of fun and fact finding. The result is the Corix Living Wall. Plants climb the two-story structure, inspired by the Cascade Mountain formation. A video runs on loop. Questions are posed – inviting the crowd to write answers on a chalkboard. And in a nod to sport, you can hit the high-five-oh-meter that keeps count of those who pledge to do their part.

Count us in.

strategy, copywriting, visual center, environmental design, graphic design, development, production, installation

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