TF7 welcomes Sandbox Studios to the Bison Building.

From Apple to Target to Vera Wang – Sandbox Studios snaps photos for some of the world’s top brands. They have offices in San Francisco and New York – and were looking for space in Portland when they found the Bison Building, located across the street from Twenty Four 7. We met our neighbors and a partnership was born.

The Bison Building served as a manufacturing plant during WWII and, as such, has great historic value we wanted to preserve. We kept the bones of the structure in raw form and applied a clean, modern studio space on top of it. The reception area incorporates the original boiler and a desk made of reclaimed wood – as a nod to the Pacific Northwest. Glass walls section off meeting space with a dramatic 16-foot door.  Large loading bays open to the outside – letting fresh air and natural light flood into the studio.

It’s a flexible, functional space – with enough natural beauty to warrant it’s own time in front of a camera.

Visual Center, Architectural Design, Environmental Design, Development, Fabrication, Installation

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