TF7 coffee talk helps localize a global brand.

Starbucks is a mega-brand with thousands of locations around the world. Yet they offer one of the most personalized products on the market. One man’s shot in the dark is another woman’s double tall, non-fat, one-pump white chocolate mocha.

Our work with the coffee giant came from Starbucks’ desire to recapture the intimacy of a local coffee house. It’s where the brand started back when they were just a few cafés in Seattle. And today, it’s a big part of the reason millions of people incorporate Starbucks into their daily routine. It’s a welcome, friendly, familiar place that offers a consistently great cup of coffee, made the way you like it.

Starbucks came to Twenty Four 7 for strategic insights on environment, events, culture and consumer behavior for specific neighborhoods in Portland. Because they want every experience with the brand to be comfortable, familiar and, above all, personal.

Cheers to local flavor.

Primary Market Research, Retail Strategy, In-store Marketing Plan, Programming Concepts

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