making luxury vodka the preferred pour, neat or on the rocks

At the world’s finest restaurants and bars, exclusive table service calls for famous names like The Macallan, Don Julio and Dom Perignon. These pours are traditionally sipped neat or on the rocks.

Something not typically done with vodka. Until now.

The introduction of Absolut Elyx, a single estate luxury vodka from the world’s vodka authority, has delivered a texture so smooth, it’s meant to drink neat. A unique copper distillation process is managed at the hands of a single, multi-generational family to bring flavor characteristics to a spirit typically defined as neutral.

Our challenge: raise awareness of a luxury brand only available in a handful of the nation’s most exclusive restaurants and clubs.

The work included a positioning framework to help drive messaging strategy, as well as digital and outdoor advertising. Banner ads and a rich-media video ran on Condé Nast websites including Vanity Fair, Style and Details and lead to a TF7-designed microsite:  ">}

To attract young affluents, we created a presence in Las Vegas during CES 2015. Work included a video wall and digital billboard at Planet Hollywood as well as bus wraps with copper and reflective vinyl to shimmer in the glow of the strip.

If you care to partake, visit

Or stop by the office for a sip. But you better hurry.


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