Online game unites people, places, purpose.

Nike’s global direct-to-consumer team is spread out around the world, yet they operate under a unified mission and vision for the company. With the global summit on the horizon, Nike was looking to connect these individuals and create chemistry and some friendly competition prior to their arrival in Santa Monica.

It needed to be fun, engaging, easy to understand and, of course, relevant to the brand. No problem.

TF7 created the “Only Here” campaign designed to share photos, bios, energy and interpretations of Nike brand truths – as viewed in specific regions around the world. It started with a box delivered to each individual. The contents included a foam finger, a team assignment, and instructions to jump online and complete a personal profile to meet your teammates from around the world. Players used their camera phones and foam fingers to point to regional representations of brand truths – and upload the images to the online community.

Players could view photos, write captions and vote on each submission. Conversations were started. Agendas were seeded in the minds of attendees. And excitement was built before anyone set foot at the summit.

The game culminated in Santa Monica with collaborative team presentations that varied from videos, to skits, to a team sky diving stunt.

Go big or go home.

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