TF7 designs pop-up retail experience for football fans.

Are you ready for some football? On any given game day, tens of thousands of fans line up outside stadiums – anxious to cheer their teams to victory. While they are at it, they’ll grab a beer, nachos and some commemorative gear.

You know what that means: Long lines.

The NFL International Series tapped TF7 to design a pop-up retail experience at Wembley Stadium to engage and entertain fans as they moved through the merchandise area.

We set out to design a Disney-style pop-up experience that would educate, entertain and answer common questions like: Where is the end of the line? What if it’s raining? Will they have my size? Can I try it on? What else do they have besides t-shirts? How much does it cost?

Walls of team stats shared insights with avid fans while trivia questions started conversations and friendly betting among those in queue – with answers shared later down the line.

We established a hierarchy for all event elements and built a merchandising strategy for product development and presentation. Iconic football visuals and vocabulary were used to create signage, wayfinding, product menus and more.  Edu-tainment displays showcased Superbowl rings and fun facts. Reporting systems were put in place to track sales performance.

The game was won, well before the kick-off.

strategy, visual center, planning and programming, environmental design, graphic design, merchandising, design intent

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