TF7 snuggles up to a new, handmade children’s product.

KidKoozie is made with love for children. It was designed with real-life insights about how kids play and rest; what they need to be comfortable both physically and emotionally; and what parents require in terms of functionality and durability. KidKoozie combines all of this with excellent craftsmanship, unique personal touches and a vocabulary for the modern world.

Everything we created for the KidKoozie brand was done with the same level of care and attention to detail. And it’s all balanced with a sense of play that’s essential to the category.

Our work speaks to a number of unique product features – like a layer of water-resistant pack cloth that stands up to outdoor play, or protects the mattress at a slumber party. A handy toy pocket holds a child’s little treasures. And a versatile blanket and foot warmer fold out as a large play space or wrap around the child at bedtime – allowing greater freedom of movement than a zippered sleeping bag.

We describe KidKoozie like a parent describes their child: really smart and super cute.

It’s a lot of good ideas rolled into one.

Positioning, Naming, Identity, Labeling and Packaging Design, Web Design

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