Outrageous game show highlights risk and reward.

Most corporate retreats are a mix of PowerPoint presentations, name badges and group dinners with chicken in cream sauce. Not Nike. When the Global Direct To Consumer team comes together once a year, they get fired up.

Last summer the team converged in Vegas. Twenty Four 7 was tapped to design and execute an immersive experience where colleagues from around the globe would collaborate, get to know one another, learn key elements of the Nike brand platform, and – most importantly – have fun doing it.

The Nike global summit was about risk and reward. We built a theme around: Double Down. And the signature event was inspired by a ‘70s game show in the U.K. called Run Around. And run around, they did!

The group was divided into teams. Each received a Double Down kit including team name, identity, instructions and all-important flair: jerseys, wrist bands, head bands and tube socks in their team color. The game would be played five times over the course of three days.

A Ron Burgandy style MC, dressed in a leisure suit, fired off questions. Three answers were projected on the wall and contestants ran around – lining up behind what they believed to be the correct answer.

If you were right: A giant chip went in the slot, with a point for your team.
If you were wrong: You were sent to the penalty box.

Bonus points were awarded to teams who gathered the most flair. One team showed up dressed as Elvis Impersonators. Another paired off in their wedding chapel best as blushing brides and grooms.

As one guy sprinted across the stage, the old adage actually happened. He broke a leg.

Cram a bunch of competitive people in a room and it gets crazy.

The winning team took home big prizes and bragging rights.

Risk and reward? You bet.

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