TF7 gives mannequins a persona with new website.

Ever wonder who makes the mannequins that show off the latest fashions in store windows? It’s these guys.

While others are mass producing fiberglass look-alikes, Fusion has been hand crafting custom mannequins in every conceivable pose direction for more than 25 years. They use a proprietary polyurethane material called E-Flex that’s easy to handle, easy to dress and lasts longer in stores. That means retailers spend less time mannequin-handling and more time ringing the register.

Our work with the leading mannequin maker puts a spotlight on the craft of mannequin making. From sculpting, to engineering, to finishing – the difference is in the details: the subtle shift of a hip, the slight turn of a neck or the modest bend of a knee.

The new website includes a portfolio that demonstrates Fusion’s dominance in the category.

• 13,000 mannequins in a matter of months? Done.
• Modeling famous athletes, down to their scars and tattoos? Done.
• Custom creating a new material for translucent mannequins? Done.

A new website that humanizes a static art form: Done.

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