Apple taps TF7 for retail and consumer insights.

Whether you’re loyal to a Mac or PC, an iPhone or Blackberry, it’s hard to deny the retail power of Apple. From the time their first store opened in 2001 to present, the electronic giant continues to study every nuance of how consumers connect with products, brands and environments. And it shows. From clean packaging design that makes a complex product appear truly simple, to a Genius Bar that elevates customer service to a new high, to paperless transactions that nod to mother earth – Apple is paying attention. To everything.

Apple grounds every decision in strategic insights – a few of which have come from Twenty Four 7. Specifically, for environments outside the Apple store where control is in someone else’s hands. While our work with the hottest electronics brand is top secret, we can tell you that we share their interest in connecting to consumers. We uncover passion points, evaluate trends and share perspectives as they relate to the category, the consumer and the retail experience.

And then we shred the evidence.

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