New Hire


Kyle grew up in the Salmon Capitol of the World: Ketchikan, Alaska, where he used to spend hours with his sketch pad. He later moved to Reno, Nevada, where he took a high school class in graphic design – and so began his relentless pursuit of perfection in the creative industry.
Kyle was drawn to Portland for the arts and creative community. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University. Go Vikings! Kyle landed an internship with the Trail Blazers where he created the Rip City font, designed posters and scored a fair amount of swag.
Having survived the hazing period (contract employment) – Kyle joined TF7 where he has worked with Nike, AT&T, Pacific Retail, Klim, The Art of Shaving and others. He’s a sharp talent and not afraid to push himself. Take that as a warning when it comes to basketball, video games and snowboarding.

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