New Hire

Meet Ian McKivor.

Ian is a whip-smart brand kid with a degree in advertising from the University of Oregon. On campus in Eugene, he was planning and executing event strategies to sell-out music venues, fill sports bars with overflow football fans and spike sales of JanSport back packs at The Duck Store. After a year in marketing and copywriting with Emerald Media Group he jumped to GridBox Media as a Sales Engineer and MarkComm Specialist – where his left brain focused on strategic planning and his right brain was cut loose on social media. Since landing at Twenty Four 7, Ian has helped inform and develop work for AT&T, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Dan Patrick Show, The Art of Shaving and others.

When he’s not cracking wise around the office, Ian spins the Melvins on his hi-fi system while inventing beyond-spicy recipes in the kitchen. He’s a die-hard Formula 1 fan, a sampler of fine whiskey and a collector of Mexican tchotchkes. Ian is a piece of work and he brings energy and fresh perspective to every opportunity.

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